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Every Experience Begins With Elegance...

Kayla Heard aka Elegance has mastered curating dining experiences in addition to evolving into an influencer through Creating Elegance Overall. Elegance was birthed from her social media handle that has now flourished into a distinguished brand. Creating Elegance Overall is a lifestyle brand that embodies influence (personality and fitness) and execution (planning and management). With experience in hospitality, multitasking and time management, Elegance began to pursue her own endeavors.

She has not only tackled the title of being the CEO of her company but has managed to stamp elegance in the homes of her family and friends through her products and “Elegance” apparel. While accomplishing her own personal and career goals, Elegance has created a way for others to secure their own achievements through Creating Everyday Organization. Lastly, she enjoys speaking about her testimony and giving tips to upcoming entrepreneurs to be of resource to others. 

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